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Eleanor Semel, Ed.D.


Eleanor Semel, Ed.D., is Professor Emerita at Boston University and is nationally recognized for her pioneering efforts in the field of learning disabilities and auditory perception. She is the co-author of widely used standardized tests, the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals family of products including: CELF-4, CELF-4 Spanish Edition and CELF-Preschool, among others.

Dr. Semel has co-authored language and learning disabilities textbooks, numerous journal articles, as well as many intervention programs such as: The Clinical Language Intervention Program, as well as CLIP Syntax Worksheets, CLIP Morphology Worksheets, CLIP Semantic Worksheets, CLIP Pragmatic Worksheets and the Clinical Language Intervention Program-Preschool.
She is also the author of educational software packages such as Following Directions and Left and Right, as well as the intervention programs Sound-Order-Sense (SOS), and the Semel Auditory Processing Program (SAPP).

Additional undertakings include consulting at The Salk Institute-Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience where she explored  and developed intervention strategies for Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder with a distinct language and behavioral profile. She also served as National Educational Director for the Williams Syndrome Association.  Her recent endeavor includes co-authorship of a new book, "Understanding Williams Syndrome: Behavioral Patterns and Intervention".



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